How the Integrated IDX works

Your BrokerIDXsites Integrated IDX website creates single property "Detail" pages for every active listing provided by your MLS directly on your domain.

These pages are not framed, or "pulled" from another domain. They are directly on your domain name.

When a search engine visits your website it can and will index these pages directly to your domain name, becuase that is where they really are.

It is all of the active MLS directly installed on your domain name - so your domain name gets the credit for actually having MLS listing information.


Your website becomes a MLS destination.

The Integrated IDX Property Detail pages contain:

  • GOOGLE Street View.
  • GOOGLE Maps.
  • All images supplied by the MLS.
  • Many themes offer a Gallery View
  • Printable Brochure
  • Educational Facilities
  • Contact Form.
  • Social Media Sharing Tools.
  • All information supplied by the MLS about the listing.
  • Pre-completed (SEO) Page Titles and Meta Tags.
  • Unique URL.



Phone: 1-800-557-8193 Hours 10 am - 7 pm EST

Email: - Email and Helpdesk available 24/7

Created and operated completely in the USA.

{* "under one hour" means that during normal business hours we can set up your account in under an hour in most cases.
Name Server propagation can take up to 72 hours from the time you make the name server change.}