"America's Mother Road - Website engagement" - Engaging your website visitors with local stories or historical items is a great method of getting sign ups to your newsletter and repeat website traffic. People do want to know about the town they may call home, even if they call it that already. How often have you come upon a local event that you had no idea was ongoing? Remember how pleasantly surprised you were when that happened? You can give your website visitors that same sort of feeling.

"Getting your website visitors to stay - Website stickiness"  - Pictures can make visitors to your website stop and look. This is good! This slows them down for a moment and enables them to see there are other areas of your website they may find useful as well.
Pictures can provide information making them easy to write about. Folks also want to know about the pictures you take. Where are they from? What do they show? 

"Glen Canyon Damn - Website engagement" - Regular posts to your website about your area, your market, your customers, your sales, your misses, your newest listing, the new dog park.... All of these posts allow your website visitors to relate to you as a person. They can see you put effort into being the best you can be by the effort portrayed in your website. They can gain invaluable first-hand experiences from your posts that they can not get anywhere else.

"Location, Location, Location, Where are you again?" - Providing the exact location of your business should be first and foremost on your website, front page, easy to find. Mentioning the names of Cities or areas in your service area is also Best Practice. Real estate is local, always will be, if you don't tell your website visitors where the real estate you sell is located, what value could your website possibly offer to them? 

"Marketing is Tough, marketing to REALTORS is tougher" - Next, in the case of the average RE Agent, who is perhaps a much more aware and "spam" conscious consumer than most, you have to do more. They expect it really, as they have to do the same thing. More. Everyday. So not only do you have to get their attention, you have to pass the "spam" test and earn their trust. 

"The promotional form and how to use it"  - It works simply enough, you create a document, save it as a PDF and post it to your website. Visitors to your website can provide their name, and email address and the system automatically sends them an email with the pdf file you created as an attachment. The website visitor must provide a valid email address in order to receive the information they want as it is sent to their email. No more fake email address' to sort through!

"Your websites front page and what to do with it" - Well, many factors weigh in, of course, but one that is totally under your control is usually the front page. Your front page should contain several items of information, prominently, in order to help it "rank" in the search engines.  

"Email capture and forced registration - best practices" - There are three built in email "capture" systems for website visitor information collection.This article covers two of them. The third, a promotional form, is also available. Both types discussed in this article offer a "pass through" system that can be used in social media advertising. 

"Testimonials and why they are so important to generate Leads" - Now, suppose I was looking for a new home. I might visit my favorite search engine and do a search for something like; "real estate agents with testimonials in Springfield, IL". Seems like a reasonable thing to search for, right? I mean, I know that I am much more likely to do business with someone if someone else took the time to write a testimonial about them.

"A picture speaks for many seconds!" - You can use your description of the image to add key words to your website, such as the name of the City you took the picture in. You can also mention the names of popular landmarks and points of interest in your area. Place names are things that potential buyers search for, so mentioning those Cities and areas on your website that are located in your market area often is a very good thing.

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