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How Broker IDX Sites, Inc. Software Can Improve Your Real Estate Brokerage Business
April 6, 2022
Author: Chelsea Berk

No matter your experience level with real estate, things can become overwhelming. Keeping up with everything you need can be a hefty task, especially when it is a very busy time of the year. At Broker IDX Sites, Inc. we know all too well the challenges that people in real estate face daily. That is why we have created software that helps you stay on top of everything without being overwhelmed. If you want to learn how our software helps residential real estate brokerage businesses nationwide, keep reading!

Leads & Customer Management

Building relationships with customers is super important in real estate. Our software helps you create stronger relationships by allowing you to have easier management between all of your leads and customers. With our software, you can turn your leads into customer accounts so that you never miss out on any of the important details.

Transaction Document Management

Our cloud-based real estate brokerage management system (Saas) allows you to keep brokerage commission reports, transaction statuses, MLS information, request testimonials , contacts, transaction notes, and documents all in one place. This can help you stay organized and see everything you need to in one platform. This is especially helpful and important when you are adding many new clients to your portfolio and want to easily keep track of all transactions taking place.

Customer Accounts & Agent Access

With customer accounts, newly converted Leads can be sent drip listing email, create polls, like listings and access their own settings or transactions via their account on the website. Customer activity is reported to the Agent for follow-up tasks.

General Features

Our software also has general features that make it easier to manage your time and clients on one platform. With Broker IDX Sites, Inc. you can have all the important documents and information you need, right at your fingertips.

The residential real estate industry is constantly evolving and the software you use needs to be able to keep up with your busy schedule. Real world tested, Broker designed to contain the most commonly used tools and features you and your agents require, including agent IDX websites, at a price point that is hard to resist. Contact us today to inquire about our real estate brokerage management system!

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