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Integrated IDX / MLS by BrokerIDXsites.com using the NEFAR RETS feed


Northeast Florida MLS IDX

  1. NEFAR's Website: https://nefar.com
Property Types Supported by NEFAR:
  1. Single Family
  2. Condominium
  3. Mobile Home
  4. Land
  5. Commercial
  6. Multi-Family
  7. Townhome
  8. Rental
Features Supported by NEFAR:
  1. Area / Region
  2. Year Built / Age
  3. Acreage
  4. Waterfront
  5. Water Access
  6. Pool
  7. Spa
  8. Virtual Tours
  9. Short Sale
  10. Foreclosure
  11. Days on Market
  1. Last Run:Jun 24, 2024 06:34 am
  2. Active Listings:
Boards Supported by NEFAR:
  1. Northeast Florida Association of REALTORS®
Serving the Northeast Florida area

Northeast Florida MLS IDX provides all active MLS property listings in the form of a RETS feed so that you may display those listings directly on your Agent or Broker website from BrokerIDXsites.

With a Broker IDX Sites Integrated MLS website, you can turn your MLS member benefit, the IDX feed from NEFAR, into an integrated MLS website that offers email capture, lead routing for Brokerages, a hosted Virtual Tour creation device, and much more.

To learn more about the benefits of integrated IDX visit this page: [ Benefits of Integrated IDX ].

The Broker IDX Sites system integrates the local MLS IDX feed from the Northeast Florida MLS IDX directly onto your domain, creating hundreds or thousands of unique single property webpages, one for every listing in the MLS.

This creates a real competitive edge in the local online real estate market by creating single page websites for every listing in your MLS. These pages are indexable as content by the search engines.

Each has it's own unique short URL that does not change as long as the MLS number does not change in the MLS.

The system updates daily directly from the Northeast Florida MLS IDX.

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