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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#1 - Always wear your name tag

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Real estate is a local and social business. Always has been, always will be. Your name tag is an invitation, to others, to socialize with you about real estate. Your local knowledge then builds the bond and the next thing you know, you're closing your first deal and smiling all the way to the bank.

Wearing your name tag let's people around you know you are a real estate agent. This means in line at the bank, at the local convenience store, when picking up and dropping off at the airport, going to the movies, everywhere you are going to be public, wear your name badge.

Your name tag enables conversations with people around you, as they will see it and use it as a conversational opener. They see you as a professional, immediately, just because you are wearing your badge. So, they are inclined to talk about their own home, their neighbors home or the last real estate agent they dealt with and what a wonderful or horrible experience it was.

You nod your head, provide positive answers and give them your card. Then you say; "Hey, what was your name, please (while you have your phone in hand) then they provide their name and you immediately ask for their phone number and email, there's a really good chance they'll give it to you. Then you call, right then and there as you say; "There you go, there's my number for you to save and you already have my card, if you ever need any real estate services, please, give me a call!" Maybe change it up a bit and set your Caller ID to say "Real Estate Pro".

You've created a contact and added them to your CRM as well as given your contact information to a future customer, all while standing in line.

Your name tag makes you a professional, it lets people know that you know the area, you enjoy talking about the area and you know something about real estate in the area.

Your name tag lets people around you know you are Open for business!

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