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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#6 - Business Cards

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Business cards used to be stored on a "wall" called a Rolodex. When you wanted to find someone you turned to your Rolodex and spun your way, alphabetically, through all the business cards you had collected over the years. Back then, folks were much more likely to keep your business card as it was really the best way to collect and "database" information. Folks were also quite protective of their Rolodex card collection. This was because they knew it was important for their income to be able to connect to the right people, at the right time, offering the right service. Great business was done, using small business cards.

Step one is making a good looking business card, something that looks professional. If you have a logo for your "Brand" (and you should) then that should be on there as well. Your color scheme should also be consistent with your other marketing efforts. So your name tag, your business cards, your letterheads, your website, your print brochures, all should have the same color scheme and logo. This helps build "Brand Trust" so when folks do visit your website, they are sure they are in the right place as the colors all match your business card. They can also identify that your logo is the same in both places. This is "Brand Recognition". This helps build "Brand Trust" and allows your potential customer to begin to trust you because they are experiencing a "consistency", even if it's just colors and images.

This "Brand Trust" that you are building also conveys to your car signs, those should also match in color and in style and in presentation, as well as any message or slogan you might use. This reinforces the trust when you pull up in the driveway, your future customers see the signs on your car, they appreciate the consistency, even if they don't realize it, they begin to trust you. This is the first step to earning their business.

Once you are "all matching", in your brand marketing materials, you're ready to spread your name or your "Brand". You can do this in many ways but they all come down to just getting out there. Here are some ideas on what to do with business cards:

* When you eat lunch at a great place. Leave your cards, most places have an area where you can do this. Then when you get home, find that places Facebook page and leave them a thank you note on their wall. Something like " "This is "your name here" from "your brokerage here" and I just wanted to say Thank you for an excellent lunch! I'll recommend you to all of my customers!" You know they are going to allow the post because you made it about them. This puts your name in front of their customers, twice, once from your card hanging in the store, once from their Facebook page. Maybe the restaurant offers business card ads on their placemats, many do, this means you can potentially put your name in front of that restaurant customer four times! The placemat, your business card, their Facebook wall and your car in the parking lot. If you did this at every restaurant in town, think of the close to free exposure this would give your brand!

* Go to local baseball and softball games, it's a lot of fun, you can take your whole family, it's usually free and it's full of families on their way "up", building a life, buying homes, selling homes, and they are all looking for people that can help them do that. Park your car near the main entrance or where your signs will get the most exposure. Be sure to wear your name tag, this gets those conversations started.

* The local flea market is another place that you can get out there and show off your Brand to the world. A booth isn't that expensive, a folding table a few chairs, a pop-up and some bean bags (for the kids) and you have a mobile office. Add in a professional banner, using your logo and colors, some flowers and some free water (with your business cards taped to the bottle). Stand in front of your booth and hand out your cards to everyone that walks past. A few will keep it, one may even call you.

One is all it takes.


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