50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate 
#12 - Snapchat

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Millenials are Snapchats biggest group of Users.  30 to 40 yo's are emerging onto the platform. Over the next several years, the App is predicted to expand into other demographics as well. The top wage earners in the 30 to 45 yo age group are already creating a spike in the demographic stats.

The cost of entry is very low. You download the free app.  Your cell phone camera is perfect the platform, in fact, the platform is designed for that.  You don't need expensive image editing software or extraordinary picture taking skill, in fact, less is really more in this medium as it provides for an impression of authenticity.

Another quality of this platform is the ease of content creation. It's as easy as walking through a log. Your camera phone and a willingness to use it is really all you need.  Take a picture of what you happen to be doing, or where you are eating lunch, or the ballgame you are attending or the Open House you are working, and offer a brief, engaging sentence or two. Rinse. Repeat. Often. 

You can share your content with individuals through a private messaging system, or to entire groups of Snapchat users or through the use of "Stories".

"Geofilters" are decorative overlays for your content, there is a paid and a free version of these available. Paid overlays can contain your name, logo or business name. These items can not be added to the free geofilters. These filters are an inexpensive way to extend your brand.

Geofilters are area also specific. You can see which ones are available by swiping across the screen after you take a picture or video. You can use your own geofilter to target specific areas. 

These two things combined can make a great marketing tool. One that helps to promote your local and social offerings.  Posting to Snapchat from the open house you are working helps to reinforce your community involvement, your dedication and your knowledge of the local area. 

Your skill in using all of the available media outlets to market yourself and your customer's listings also becomes evident as people see your name or your brand in all of their favorite social media outlets.

Snapchat has a "real life" reputation, one that provides glimpses into people's true environment thoughts of the moment. Since the moments on Snapchat are fleeting, they maybe carry more value as the Users know the post will not be around forever.  


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