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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#16 - Your spouse

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In theory, your spouse loves you. They have a vested interest in your success in real estate, as your success is their success as well.  In a similar manner, as your friends do for helping grow your real estate network, your spouse/significant other can as well.

  • They have their own social media accounts and can share your listings and posts
  • They can comment on your posts to their own experience with the listing offering a different point of view, perhaps. One that might be useful to some folks, over yours
  • They can tell their friends about the new listing you just got
  • They can tell their co-workers about the funny thing that happened at the open house this weekend
  • Be sure they have lots of your real estate business cards so they can hand them out as well
  • Ask your spouse to read your listing remarks and offer changes, perhaps ask them to write their own version, then edit the best of both together or offer them separately as two different perspectives.
  • Your spouse will be involved in your real estate business, one way or the other, as it can be a very time consuming and demanding occupation. Finding the areas that they can help can reduce the amount of time spent away and any conflict that might create.
  • Ask them for their perspective on any real estate marketing materials you might be creating or using
  • Ask them to review your website and offer their perspective
  • Ask if they will add your contact info to their email signature; "My spouse is a real estate agent with Brokerage Name" or something along those lines. It helps spread your Brand and serves as a reminder to all your spouse's friends that you work in real estate and your family supports you in that.
  • Ask them to do a walk through with you of your new listing. They will see things you do not and offer different perspectives on things that you might not see.
  • Maybe they have a knack for social media and can help you by managing that aspect for you, as they can

Your spouse is among your greatest assets, both personally and professionally. Involving them in your real estate business can be very rewarding, for both of you.


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