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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#23 - Past Employers

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Your past contacts don't have to be like ships passing in the night, they can be farmed for leads. Your past employers and co-workers, old college friends, the "Gang" from when you were a kid. It's pretty easy in these days of technology to track these people down. If nothing else it can be a time filler for those really slow floor time days.

Spend some time looking up your old employer(s). Then maybe try to re-connect with those folks you worked with at the various places. Keep it light and friendly and social. The conversation will turn to "So, what are doing these days?" all by itself. All you have to do is get the conversation started. The gift of gab will take it from there.

Ask the folks about what they're doing as well. You might make contacts that are unexpected, a really great mortgage broker, or someone owns a title agency or perhaps deals in homeowners insurance.

Perhaps some of your old contacts started their own business that serves the real estate business. You could hook up with a great lawn guy or a truly handy Handyman. This situation often leads to great deals being made for service. It also might make for some reliable and "known" contacts that you can use. This sort of thing can be great for your peace of mind when you Have to send a lawn guy over to listing as the owners are away and forgot to mow the grass. Of course, you have a showing that just called and wants to see it right away.

Having folks you can count on and call at the last minute can make all the difference in the world. Generally, we tend to count on those folks we've known the longest, even if there are gaps in the actual contact. In most cases, you can pick right up where you left off and it's as if no time, at all, has passed. These types of friends and business contacts are the best type to have.


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