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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#24 - Go Shopping!

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Spending the day shopping seems counterproductive to making money. Yet, it can open doors and generate Leads. Getting out and exploring your market area is a wonderful way to spend the day. It can also produce photo opportunities for social media sharing and brand recognition.

The local and social aspect of being a real estate agent requires that you know your market area and know it well. This is your advantage over the big box real estate sites. Sure, they have cool stuff. But, they don't know Billy Jean down at the grocery store. She knows when folks are going to divorce and sell their house before they do. Those big box sites have no idea that George over at the tax office eats lunch at the deli across the street from the courthouse every day. He's among the first to know about upcoming real estate offerings. Those big box internet companies they just can't hang with local information sources like this. Local and social, it's your key to getting those leads and making those deals.

Drive around, stop at the car dealerships in your area, chat with the sales folks there that are having a slow day. Commiserate with them on the trials, tribulations, and victories of being in Sales. Swap fun stories, ask them how they farm their Leads. Leave your business cards.

Boat and yacht dealers also have sales folks, often these sales folks are looking to make contacts with real estate agents. They can offer new waterfront home purchase leads. So they'll be happy to sit, chat and exchange stories and get to know you. They are also looking for a two-way mutually beneficial relationship.

RV dealerships sales folk are also in a complimentary business. They get leads on folks that are looking to sell it all and travel the US of A. They will also be most interested in establishing a relationship with real estate agents in the local area. RV dealers also get out of town contacts from people in other States looking to buy an RV they have on their lot. These contacts can be used for referrals.

The local carpet store can also be a source of Leads. The sales folk there know people that have rental properties that might be interested in selling them. They also want to know a local realtor as they can get leads from you as well. You can give their cards to your closing customers that might have a need. They can give yours to those that mention they have a need. Many types of folks that deal in real estate frequent carpet and flooring stores, renters, landlords, commercial contractors (lease deals), new home builders (referral/commissions), maintenance people (cleaning and repair contacts).

Paint stores also have contacts that can be valuable to a real estate professional. Homeowners, renters, landlords, building managers all visit paint stores. Paint stores are another one of those places that often encourage folks to hang out and chat. Get to know the local paint store guy. They lay it on thick.... (groan)

Hardware store sales folks also have direct contact with homeowners, building managers rental maintenance folks, etc. These types of stores also encourage a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where folks feel free to hang out and chat.

Dive stores and other tourist focused stores like that. These types of places generally promote "loitering" and are friendly and fun to hang out with. they also attract out of towners and vacationers. As they express to the store workers that they just love it here and wish they could find a place to call their own. There you are. Name tag on, ready for business.

While you're out and about, enjoying your market area and it's people, take pictures. Use your cell phone, if you see something that "speaks" to you, take a picture and post it to your social media with a short description of what makes it cool. If you're at the local dive store and having a great time with their dive master, take a picture and post it to your social media; "Having a great time hanging out with Dave at the dive store! What a fantastic place I am blessed to live/work!" Tag the store. Or pictures of some local "flavor" like one of the towing company that uses a replica of a famous cartoon character to gain attention to its business. (see picture insert)

Getting out and spending time in your market "shopping" is a great way to get to know your area, the people in your market and those that can help you achieve success.


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