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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#32 - Attorneys & Estate Planners

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Knowing and being on chatting terms with a real estate attorney is a great benefit for a real estate professional. They are well versed in the legalities of buying and selling real estate and can offer legal perspectives. They may also be well versed in HOA rules and law. Both of these often arise in real estate dealings.

Getting to know them can take some perseverance. Sending them your business cards with an introductory letter is a good place to start. The letter can contain some basic information about you and where you do business. You can include a few business cards as well. This is a commonly used method for spreading your brand. Letters of introduction can be sent almost anywhere. You are well served to develop one and keep it up to date.

Sometimes a more personal approach can yield results. Stop by their office and drop off a pie or some baked goods or donuts and coffee if it's early. Don't make a fuss, just walk in and drop them off at the desk with the receptionist, saying that they are a gift from you to them. Leave a few business cards.

Estate Planners are also good contacts to make. The same sort of contact methods used by attorneys can be used here as well. Estate planners often are approached by people looking to work with estates and their distribution. This often includes real estate holdings.

It usually takes more than once for these types of contacts to work for you. You might want to put a day aside to do your own hyper-local real estate marketing. Fill your car with baked goods and go enjoy your town. Dropping off various yummy gifts at all the places that might produce leads for you.


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