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#33 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Dentist(s)

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Wearing your name tag to see your dentist seems like a really great thing to do! It's really only fair, they will be wearing theirs as well. And, as a bonus, your name tag works to open the conversational door. This applies to the Office Staff, the folks in the waiting room with you and yes, even the dentist.

When you walk up to the counter and sign in. You'll greet the staff and exchange some pleasantries. They will notice your name tag. Maybe, someone, there is looking to buy a home, sell a home, find a rental, find a vacation home, maybe they are leaving this job and moving somewhere you could maybe get a referral for them.

Then you go take your seat and all those folks in the waiting room see your name tag too. They noticed how nice you were at the counter and how the staff all responded well to you. This (and your name tag) make you approachable for the same sort of questions, situations to be brought up in conversation while you wait for the dentist to call.

Having a nice peaceful place to keep in mind is also a good thing to have at the dentist.

When you do get called. Your dentist will be wearing a name tag too. So, immediately you have something in common and something to talk about in those awkward moments before they do what they have to do. Your name tag can also set the tone for the running commentary that so often comes with a dentist visit. This commentary can provide information that can be used once you can talk again. Perhaps, they mentioned that they, her and her husband, are actually looking for a new home. Or maybe the conversation turns to children and how they are working on having their first one. Or maybe it's their second or third. Perhaps she takes the opportunity to talk about their home, as so many will once they discover that you are a real estate professional. In this commentary, there are clues that they probably need to upsize.

Once the dentist has completed their work and enabled you to speak again. You can touch on those areas of interest during the awkward aftercare conversation. Give them your card, when they give you theirs.


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