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#34 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Doctor(s)

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Wearing your name tag on your next doctor visit can produce leads. The same sort of things that apply to your dentist also applies to a doctor visit. They also have Office staff, waiting rooms, etc. The Doctor will appreciate the name tag in the same way the dentist does.

Doctors offices, however, are generally grouped together, unlike dentist offices which are often in a mall or free standing. Often doctors offices are in a medical plaza. Usually, there are many different types of medical offices around where your doctor's office is. Often there is also a hospital nearby. This presents a great opportunity to market to all these offices while you're there anyway.

A peaceful place to think about can also be useful at the Doctors office.

Park your car where the signs will be seen by the most people. If it's a large medical building that would likely be right by the front door or entrance area. If it's a plaza like setting maybe the main entrance to the parking lot sees more traffic. Maybe leave a cooler in the trunk with free bottled water (with your business cards taped to the bottles). Make a sign that mentions your name as well as the free water.

Once you're done with your appointment, you can spend some time wandering around to the other offices. Pop your head in and say good morning to the receptionist as you give her your card. Saying you were in the building on business with Doctor so-and-so. and thought to drop off your cards to others in the building in case they needed your services as well. Doctors are generally "A" type personalities and as such do have a healthy sense of competition.

If there is a hospital nearby you can wander in there and drop off some cards at the cafe. Hospital cafes also often offer bulletin boards you can pout your business cards and flyers on. Hospital staff also frequents the hospital cafe. Your name tag, (while you're there you eat a usually cheap lunch), can open conversations there as it does in other places.

Hospitals also have volunteers, if it fits, you can offer your time here and make some contacts. If volunteering isn't your "thing", you can stop in at the volunteer office and drop of some donuts and thank these folks for the work they do. They will appreciate the acknowledgment as well as the baked goods.

Many people frequent hospitals and medical plazas every day. Be making your presence know you can pick up some leads will you take care of your health.


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