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#42 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Tradesmen

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Handymen, general contractors, roofers, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters and most any other tradesmen are great contacts for real estate professionals to have. These folks are also in the "home" business so it is in their interest to also have real estate connections. This sort of mutually beneficial partnership is the bread and butter of lead generation.

When folks are considering selling their home, they generally want to fix some things first. Maybe a new coat of paint, perhaps some new tile in the foyer, maybe some new carpet. The folks that offer these services, from selling to installing often are among the first to know when someone is considering a move.

When you are making your rounds in your market area. When you see a tradesman eating lunch next to you, walk over and introduce yourself. Give them your card. Let them know that you are an active and eager real estate pro and that you are always asked about tradesmen by your customers. Ask them for some of their cards when you give them yours. Talk to them, get to know them, ask them how long they have been in business, what areas they serve, show an interest in what they do.

If your rounds take you past a construction site, stop in and introduce yourself to all the folks working there. If it's early, maybe stop by the local coffee drive through and pick up some bulk coffee and supplies. Leave it at the construction site with some cards next to it. Baked goods are always a welcome treat.

Stop at the local paint shop, early in the morning, take coffee here too. Painters hang out at the paint store while they are picking up their supplies for the day. You can get to know several of them at the same time by taking some coffee to the paint store and hanging out with them. Don't forget to wear your name tag.

Carpet installers and tile workers also tend to spend some time at the supply store in the morning, picking up what they need for the days work. They also appreciate meeting real estate professionals with cards, coffee, and baked goods.

Likewise, real estate professionals often suggest that a homeowner spruce the place up prior to a sale, new paint, carpet, etc. Knowing a painter that does a good job, quickly, can sometimes save a deal. Knowing a good handyman that can fix that soffit and facia rot that the home inspector found can make sure a closing goes through as planned.

Tradesmen and real estate professionals are a natural fit for mutual lead generation opportunities.


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