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#43 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Website

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Websites produce leads. It is this fact that makes it worth every minute of time you spend on it. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. There are some universal basics that you will really want to cover. Several of these are listed below. This is not a definitive list, nor is it the one and only way. It is offered as a place to start that tries to cover some of the essential items needed before you begin to market your website. Various methods of marketing your website are also listed below.

First, and most importantly we're going to need some words. Words are also called "content" on the interwebs. You need some. Integrated IDX is first and foremost. You want the Integrated kind as it gives your website "credit" for actually having listings. This is opposed to a website that links to listing on some other domain or frames listings from some other domain in their domain. These type of system do have advantages but giving your domain credit for their content isn't one them. The search engines know that your domain is not offering those listings. So they don't give you credit for having them.

Credit means that the search engine will "remember" the content it found on your website and when someone is searching for something that resembles that content, it might just recommend your website. This is a good thing.  There are many variables involved here, some you can provide, some you have to earn.

You can provide:

Where you do business - exactly - be very specific here, City, State, County, Area, Common Names, Formal Names, Place names. You want people to find you that are looking to buy where you do business. So be upfront and forward about exactly where that is. This is useful to the visitors to your website, as well as the search engines that also need to know where you do business. If you don't tell them, how will they know?

What type of business you do - exactly - be very specific here, as well. Might be you specialize in "Gated Communities starting at 2.5M" or perhaps you deal in "Large tracts of land with Owner Financing", then these are the first words that should be prominent on the front page of your website, as that is what you want to attract.

The folks that know these things say you should shoot for about 300 to 500 words. Use "H1" tags for the main header and "H2" tags for any subtitles. These "tags" are usually accessible in the "style" drop-down of your text editor in your websites control panel.

Once you have these things in place, you can also an image or two of your local area. Something recognizable or noteworthy, a beautiful local view, or the local park and recreation area.

Marketing your website means that you use it as well. Keep it up to date, add some new pages every week. You can add pages related to where you are and what you do. Make it part of your weekly routine to add to/edit and promote your website.

Put your domain name on EVERYTHING, your shirts, your hats, your envelopes, your business cards, your car magnets, your banners, your voicemail message and anywhere else you can think of to put it.

Since you very smartly chose an Integrated IDX website, you can probably offer single property web pages and share them on social media. This page's URL should also contain the address of the property (long tail). 

Registrations on your website help to keep visitors around and let you keep in touch with them. Your website should also offer tools, such as drip emails, testimonial request system, customer access to transaction documents, agent access to saved listings and other tools that make keeping in touch with your customer easier.


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