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#44 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Blogging

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If your website doesn't have a blog, you will need to get one that does. Blogging is a level social platform that can reach thousands of people. Many of those people might be looking for real estate in your market area. Keep your blog about local topics or topics that local people want to be aware of.  This will give the perception that you are the local area real estate expert. Then, you will be.  Local and social.

Local events and happenings are always good things to blog about.  You will want to add something to whatever it is you are blogging about to keep it different and so you're not just copying others work. This is bad.

Sometimes, you can notice that a local events marketing is lacking in some detail. You can take advantage of this to draw traffic to your website/blog. Perhaps the directions to the event leave a little to be desired, you could write better ones. Post them on your blog and then direct people to them via a Facebook post to the event's website.  Keep it nice and helpful in tone; "Here are some more detailed directions for those that need them. Sometimes it can be hard finding places around town, so I wrote up really detailed directions on my blog, here."  People will like this. The event will like this. It's a win-win.

You can blog about the restaurants in your Town or City. Do a series and blog about once a week, of course, you have to go out to eat at them :)  You can set whatever tone you like for your blog, but it is true that honey generally works better than vinegar for attracting positive people.  Add their menu, folks are always looking for menus online and many restaurants don't offer them.

Share your blog on social media, repeatedly and consistently.  Share it on groups and pages about your area. You will want to pay attention and share it at the right places to gain the maximum impact. It won't happen overnight but it will eventually happen that your blog gains consistent traffic and attention. It does take consistency and dedication to the task.

Finding other folks that have area blogs and linking to them and requesting they link back to your blog is a tried and true marketing method for bloggers. Get to know the other bloggers in your area. Share their posts, they most often will respond in kind. 

Pictures are also a great way to gather interest in your blog. Folks love pictures. Perhaps your market area has some outstanding natural features.  You can take a picture a day from different locations and blog about where you are taking the picture from. Sunsets and sunrises also are generally crowd pleasers as are pets (especially cats and kittens, as it turns out who knew?) Pictures of your food at the restaurants you are reviewing will also get people attention. We all like food. 

Blogging is a free and easy method of self-promotion. It only takes a few minutes of your time and maybe a few cell phone pictures to make some really great impressions and grow your sphere of influence. 


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