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#46 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Moving Companies

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Moving companies, trailer rental businesses, and box and ship companies are often among the first to know people are thinking about moving. They may get calls from people interested in pricing a move out of State, or across town. In either case, a lead opportunity can be found. 

When you are making your round throughout your market area, stop in to moving companies office and introduce yourself.  Leave them your business cards and ask for theirs. Tell them you are often asked to recommend moving companies by people selling their homes. Ask them questions about how long it takes to pack and move a house, if they do rental moves, if they offer boxing services, get to know them. 

They probably also have a website and a social media presence. Ask them if you can post to their page and offer a shout put to their customers. Tell them you'll post some articles related to moving or the like on their page. Most folks will like this idea as it is mutually beneficial.

Another place to stop and introduce yourself is the local trailer rental business'. They often also have a leads on folks that are leaving the area as well as those that just arrived. Both of these situations can produce lead opportunities for the sharp real estate professional.  Often these places also sell garage sale signage, you can stock up on your sign making supplies while you are there.  These folks also have an interest in sharing contacts with a real estate professional. You are able to recommend them to renters as well as people moving away who are looking for boxes and packing supplies.

Movers also go out of State, knowing one that does this can often lead to referrals.


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