2018 Marketing Advice for Home Rentals

During 2018, landlords and property managers will be renting out at least one rental property. Start your marketing early and take the lead on getting leads!

Marketing Online
The days of searching newspapers and yard signs for the perfect rental are over. If you are not marketing your rentals online, 2018 is the year to start! This doesn't mean that you should solely rely on the online market, but you should consider adding this source it to your marketing plan this year.

Update your Photo Gallery
"A picture is worth a thousand words." This adage is truer today than it ever was. Social Media sites such as FaceBook, Instagram and Snapchat rely on visual stimulation.  Update those old dated images of your investment properties.  Take your new pictures on a sunny day, while the property is vacant. Take pictures of every room in the house, the more the better. If a potential renter can see every room of the house including the front and back of the house, they will have a good idea of what they are getting before they call you.

Market Yourself
You represent your property. Just as you are sizing up your potential renters, your potential renters are sizing you up. Make a great impression from the first handshake.  Be prepared to answer all questions that your potential renter may have, have all the paperwork ready, make sure you have your business card on hand and remember that you are selling yourself just as much as you are selling your property. Nobody wants to do business with a grumpy, unprepared agent or landlord.

May the year 2018 be a prosperous one for you!  

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