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"Getting your website visitors to stay - Website stickiness"


How can I get my website visitors to stay on my website longer? This is a common question we are asked. It does have many answers depending on who you ask. A technical mind will speak of properly formatted code, long tails, short tails and other such things that make our eyes glaze over. A design orientated mind might say graphics are the answer, as well as a well-designed layout and navigation system. All of these things are important, of course.

We believe however that all of these folks would agree that one easy answer is simply "Pictures" – Nothing can affect your mood as quickly as an image that you can relate to or connect with in some way. Images say so many things and take very little effort to create. An example - did you click on the link that brought you here because you wanted to learn more about how to get stickiness for your website? 

Or did you want to find out about the wolf in the rearview mirror? Which one caught your eye and made you stop first and then click the link? 

A decent cell phone nowadays will take incredible pictures. These can also be easily manipulated on your phone or via an easy to use image editor. Pictures can make visitors to your website stop and look. This is good! This slows them down for a moment and enables them to see there are other areas of your website they may find useful as well. Pictures can provide information making them easy to write about. Folks also want to know about the pictures you take. Where are they from? What do they show?

This makes creating content easy. You simply describe the picture you took, where it was and then create cross-links to other content in your website. Walaa! A picture really is worth 1000 words!

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