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The Glen Canyon Dam is located near Page, Arizona. Page, AZ is located about two hours north of Flagstaff, AZ. Construction on the Glen Canyon Dam was completed in 1966. There is a wealth of history that those with a passion for can delve into, with a little help from your favorite search engine. Mystery, suspense, politics all have all been involved in the dam's construction. Since it was first proposed the various issues have built as tall as the water it holds back. Water rights for those downstream on the Colorado River as well as those upstream. The dams effect on the environment alone was an immense issue as it covered 161,390 acres of what was previously known as Echo Canyon, AZ. A place reported being among the most beautiful real estate of any of our natural resources. It truly was an outstanding act of determination that the damn thing got built at all. 

You may be wondering how this relates to your real estate website. Well, lemme tell you. It doesn't. It relates to the people that will be looking at your real estate website that you hope to sell something to. For them, it could be a gold leafed reference to your fitness to being their agent of choice.

Regular posts to your website about your area, your market, your customers, your sales, your misses, your newest listing, the new dog park.... All of these posts allow your website visitors to relate to you as a person. They can see you put effort into being the best you can be by the effort portrayed on your website. They can gain invaluable first-hand experiences from your posts that they can not get anywhere else.

The search engines love it as they see the content (words and pictures) being added to your website on a regular basis. They can also determine that content is relevant to your website and they give 'points' for that! We spoke earlier of pictures being a great addition to your website and that they also generate words. In the above example about the image for the Glen Canyon Dam. I describe the dam briefly, making it interesting in a conversational manner. I also mentioned the State I do business in, Arizona, as well as the City, Flagstaff and a close neighboring City (Page, AZ). Mentioning the State, City and close City names help the search engines place your website in the correct search returns.

A house is sold when the buyer can see it as their home. That is more than just the house. It is the location, the neighborhood, the schools, the drive to the grocery store, the closest daycare that accepts twins. All of these things are part of the home buying experience. All of these things can only be experienced by someone who is there.

Let's say that I do business as a REALTOR in Flagstaff, AZ. The Glen Canyon Dam is 2 hour-ish drive from there. Now, perhaps I am a buyer looking for a home in Flagstaff and I happen upon your article about the Glen Canyon dam (as it mentions the words “Flagstaff, AZ” and “real estate” that I used in the search engine to discover your website) and your families trip there for a Sunday picnic last summer. I can see myself taking that trip to the Dam with my family as I love those sort of outings. I can immediately relate to you as a real person. One that shares my love of family, picnics and amazing places to enjoy them both! Because of this, I might just pick up the phone and lock you in as my agent.

It could happen, just like the Dam did!

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