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"Location, Location, Location, Where are you again?"


I traveled recently. Normally, I'd see this as a wonderful thing as I absolutely love to travel. However, there are occasions when travel is forced upon you and you are... less than open to any potential joy the experience may offer. This was one of those occasions.

I had to travel through several states to get where I was going, there was the state of depression, the state of frustration...but a silver lining was discovered about 30,000 feet or so over the State of Georgia when I realized how I had no idea what State I was flying over (or in for that matter) and how that related to my Real Estate website.....curious?

Well, it all began simply enough, I got on a plane and I flew somewhere I wasn't familiar with. While away, I still had my job to do and did my best to keep up with my various responsibilities. One of which is looking at real estate websites. In this case, I was tasked with finding temporary lodging in or near a small town in West Central Florida that has a very active residential real estate market. 

I drove past a property that fit the particular needs by happenstance. I said "Oh! Look at that!" (to myself) and made a mental note of the Real Estate brokerage offering the property. I proceeded about my day, accomplished my tasks, early, as it were, as I had already accomplished a large part of it by driving by the perfect property. No need to spend hours on the internet looking....

Well, later that evening when I arrived back at my hotel, I did a search for the brokerage name and the city I was in, fully expecting the first return to be the one I wanted. You've probably guessed that this did not occur. Nope. It took a few more attempts but I finally found what I was looking for. I had to work for it though, I'm not sure another visitor would have stayed around as long as I did to complete the process. I think they would assume the place to not have a website and go elsewhere.

When I did arrive at their website, I immediately noticed that nowhere on the front page of the website did it state the City, State or Zip Code of where they did business. Nor was there mention of any City Names in or near their service area.

Again, I had to dig much deeper than the average User would do, to discover if I was in the right place as even the State they were in took four clicks for me to discover. Bad form.

Providing the exact location of your business should be first and foremost on your website, front page, easy to find. Mentioning the names of Cities or areas in your service area is also Best Practice. Real estate is local, always will be, if you don't tell your website visitors where the real estate you sell is located, what value could your website possibly offer to them? This same thing holds true for the Search Engines that visit your website - they need to know where you do business so they can help potential customers find you and place you in the right place in their index. They aren't able to click around and spend 10 minutes looking. So they, like those real people visiting your website, just ignore you too.

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