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"Marketing is Tough, marketing to REALTORS is tougher"


We all know that marketing is tough. So, it follows that marketing to folks that don't want to see said marketing is tougher. In my personal case, I market to RE Agents. I haven't done any research to back up the statement, but I feel that RE Agents are probably one of the most "marketed to" groups of folks in the nation. I Know for a fact, that these folks are quite adept at avoiding said marketing.

Given this situation, over time, I've developed a few tips on getting through the various marketing barriers that I'd like to share.

First, you have to capture their attention, quickly. The interwebs are full of folks vying for attention. "Buy now!", "Click here!", "Best Deal Ever!" type posts abound, all trying to grab attention and get your click. Sometimes an image is used successfully, sometimes a meme gets the job done, sometimes a few lines of text is all it takes. You'll have to try different things and see what results each method obtains. "Change it up" as is said, see what each brings, tie posts together, create a story line, have a themed week of posts....try all the things.

Next, in the case of the average RE Agent, who is perhaps a much more aware and "spam" conscious consumer than most, you have to do more. They expect it really, as they have to do the same thing. More. Everyday. So not only do you have to get their attention, you have to pass the "spam" test and earn their trust. This means you have to convey a "real" ness or authenticity. You also must convey a firm understanding of the day to day issues your potential customer faces and most importantly, how your solution to them is the best possible solution (this is the thing you are selling). Generally speaking in less than 300 characters and no more than 2 seconds.

Using this that you are reading as an example. I used that really cool picture to catch your attention. The first few lines of this article were created to express an understanding of a daily need for my potential customer (marketing) and offering a solution to that problem from the point of view of a real person, with the exact same problem, doing what can be done to overcome it.

A solution to this problem is to create new pages for your website just like this one, and then post these pages, using the techniques described. These pages remain long after the social media post traffic has run its course. These pages will be indexed by search engines much more easily than your social media posts will be, pages like this add to your "authenticity" to your potential customer.

Finally, these pages should be properly formatted, contain correct Title tags, as well as Meta tags and hopefully a code snippet that enables tracking of some sort to recorded and reported. Links to other areas of your website can help to keep your viewer engaged and on your website. The more time they spend, the better, as this all builds your brand credibility, authenticity and enables the potential customer to trust you.

Time is also a factor, you will need to invest yours, as it is really the most valuable commodity we have to offer. 




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