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"The Promotional Form and How To use it" 


People are generally more likely to give you something if you give them something in return. This applies to really anything, but on the internet, it is especially true. The Promotional Form Lead Capture System uses that fact to capture good email address' every time. 

It works simply enough, you create a document, save it as a PDF and post it to your website. Visitors to your website can provide their name, and email address and the system automatically sends them an email with the pdf file you created as an attachment. The website visitor must provide a valid email address in order to receive the information they want as it is sent to their email. No more fake email address' to sort through!

The Promotional Form Lead Capture System is included in types of Accounts, Broker, Teams, and Agent. 

The PDF can contain a collection of "Hot" listings in your market. It could be a list of your personal listings. It could be your thoughts on the home buying process and how you think it should proceed. It could be a list of the best places to eat lunch in the area you do business in. 

You'll want to spend some time on the document creation.  Make it appealing, perhaps add some pictures to keep folks interested as they read it. Perhaps some professional looking font selections and brief colorful descriptions of whatever it is you are offering. "Blocking" text into small, fast to read "bites" is recommended by those that recommend such things.

Be sure to include your contact information in the header and footer of Every page. 

You can see the Promotional Form Lead Capture System in action here.  In this case, the form provides a portfolio of some of our current customers, with links to their websites, for those interested.

A more detailed view of the Promotional Form Lead Capture System can be found on our Video Tutorial page - here

To promote your Promotional Form Lead Capture System, you can create a blog post or a social media post that describes the information contained in your PDF and how easy it's for people to sign up for it. Provide a link to the form and then post it all over the place! 

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