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"Your Real Estate Websites front page and What to do with it"


The front page of your website is the most important page of your website. If you do nothing else to your website, you should do this, before you forget (until those leads start coming in, of course).

You have the best graphics, you have the best search, you have the best CRM, you have all the things. Yet you have no leads and you can not find your website Anywhere in the search engines.

Well, many factors weigh in, of course, but one that is totally under your control is usually the front page. Your front page should contain several items of information, prominently, in order to help it "rank" in the search engines.

Those items include:

1. WHERE you do business - The  City, County, Town, Parrish names of the areas you cover should be listed on the front page of your website.  Have you ever visited a real estate website and realized as you looked at the front page, that you had no idea where they did business? Now that I've said it, you'll notice. It's really quite common.

Take this one step more, if you, as a human, can not figure out where the person does business, how could search engine know? The answer is that it can't.

This also answers another question, remember those searches you did when you were trying to find your website? I'll bet you searched for things like "Springfield real estate" or maybe Springfield MLS listings" or "homes for sale in Springfield" Take notice that all those queries have a place, "Springfield". Now the search engine goes out to the internet and finds websites that mention the word "Springfield". Since your website never mentions the word "Springfield" it gets totally ignored and does not get displayed in the search engine returns.

2. The STATE in which you do business should also be prominently placed in the front page text. This helps folks (and search engines) in the exact same manner. The website visitor knows at a glance that they are in the right place (or not) and the search engine now knows that your website could be returned for the search term "Springfield, MO real estate" However, if the search engine (or the human website visitor) is unable to determine, easily, what State you do business in, they will ignore your website (or leave it) as the case may be.

3. The TYPE of real estate business you are skilled at "Residential Real Estate" or perhaps "Commercial Real estate" or "Property Management"

4. If there is "Default" text installed on the front page of your website, change it, or delete it, if you are unable to do anything else.

Think of the message that sends to the website visitor and to the search engine. Here you have a great website, but your interest in it is obviously low as it still displays the default text used by the website company when they set up a new site. The internet knows you haven't touched it since you set it up. 

This gives an impression about you and how you work, to the human website visitor (who has now gone to some other website) as well as the search engine that is aware that you haven't changed your website since you got it. So the real person isn't going to call you and the search engine isn't going to rank you.

5. Set up the listing display on the front page to display the types of listings that you specialize in. This reinforces the "Where" you do business as generally listings will have address' displayed, that include a city name or subdivision.

These simple tips will start the process of getting your website ranked and found.



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