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"Testimonials and Why they are so important to Generate Leads"


This is a happy dog, well...puppy but still, she is happy. She has her ears are in the flight position and she is enjoying life. She, Jaski, is the newest addition to our family. We initially thought she was a mutt of the Beagle/Fox Hound variety with perhaps some Lab thrown in for good measure. Then, she gained 10 pounds in the first two weeks we had her. So, more research then revealed a Walker Hound background. This is slightly larger than we had anticipated but we'll adapt. She has already wormed her way into our hearts and she takes great pictures! I'll bet you're wondering what this could possibly have to do with testimonials, SEO and your website?

Jaski is so happy because I read a Testimonial, on a Google result page, after I searched for "great places to take a puppy near me" in Google. Google gave me a result page that provided a variety of options to learn more about great places to take a dog near me. One of them, was a testimonial page from some National land near me, from a family that had just came back from a camping trip there. They took the time to write a testimonial about how much fun they and their new puppy had running through the large open fields. They also commented that the field had a fence with small holes so the puppy had no chance to run too far or get in trouble.  Instantly I knew this was the place for me and Jaski to explore the freedom of the big field.

Now, suppose I was looking for a new home. I might visit my favorite search engine and do a search for something like; "real estate agents with testimonials in Springfield, IL". Seems like a reasonable thing to search for, right? I mean, I know that I am much more likely to do business with someone if someone else took the time to write a testimonial about them. In fact, it is really a habit for many things now. When I buy something online, I read the reviews (aka Testimonials) before I buy. Often the reviews make me re-think my purchase. This same thing is true for real estate agents and Brokerages. Those Testimonials do the most good on your website.

Our system makes it easy to request, collect and display your hard earned Testimonials. These Testimonials are pure gold for SEO, website traffic, and customer trust.



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