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"The unexpected can be a real Lead Producer!"


When something is unexpected it makes a bigger impact and people will remember it.

Marketing is like this as well. If you find something unexpected that you can share with those you market to, it will probably catch their attention. As this guy, playing the cello, in an Aspen tree did for me when I came upon it. Why is that guy in the tree? What's up with the bass? What IS he wearing? I imagine there might be others as well.


"Music for the BIrds" is what this gentleman calls his work. He can be found on Facebook. Here, in this video, he is in an Aspen tree, alongside an old railway outside of Como, Co on the way to Boreas Pass. It is autumn and the leaves are changing.  Yes, it is a real mustache!

The area is remote, it is accessed by a slow 8-mile drive along a single lane, dirt road. The road winds through aspens, pines and other trees as it rises with the mountain. Eventually, you reach the peak and can look at the fabulous view there.

Your market area has unique points of interest. They may be events that are managed by locals that bring many people together. They may be a farmers market that has a live band. There may be a community park that has a flea market once a week. The point is that there are events happening in your area that pique the interest of the people that live there. If your website has up to date and accurate information about these events, it begins to become a community resource, as well.

This means that people in your market area would visit your website to find out about things happening in your market area.
This also means that search engines might use your website as a resource for their Users that are looking for those things.
These events would also be of interest to people that are considering moving to your area. Perhaps, I want to live in an area that has an active community. I happen upon your website as it contains information about the community orientated things I've been searching for along with my home search. Those things might be gem shows, hiking events, volunteer opportunities, or some guy playing the cello in a tree.


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