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"Domain Base Settings"


Customizing details on your website can be accomplished in the "Domain Base Settings" area of the website editor. This area has settings that will allow you to change the text in the header contact information to use a Team Name or add a slogan or Tagline to the contact information display.

The Counties you work in can be selected here, this enables listings from those Counties to display and be searched on your website.

The Search page of your website can also be customized here. You can select or deselect items that you wish to your website visitors to search by. This includes Property Types as well as individual search items such as Foreclosures, Short Sales, etc..

Customer Registrations are also controlled in this area. You can select to turn off the registration system or enable them from this page. Customer Registrations can be accomplished via FaceBook or a Manual Registration process. This registration allows your website visitors to "Like" listings, Create Polls, interact with you quicker by prefilling forms, share listings with friends, access Transactions, and Transaction Documents.

The User Comments Feature is located on this page as well. These check boxes allow you to select what areas of your website you wish to allow visitors to your website to make comments on via the Facebook Comment system. You can select or deselect any areas you wish. Granular control over the FaceBook comments is also provided in the website pages area.

GOOGLE and BING Confirmation codes can be entered in this area. Links are provided for easy access or set up for these items at their respective companies.

Code snippets can be added here. These code snippets are generally from a third party, used for tracking or other purposes. You can enter these snippets into the area provided and they will be magically added to the correct area of your website.

The Broker IDX Sites, Inc. Brokerage Management System offers many methods to easily customize your internet presence.


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