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"How Real Estate Website Themes Create Leads"

Website themes can be powerful lead generating tools. We've taken the mystery out of changing your themes, allowing you to benefit from the results.

The Broker IDX Sites, Inc Brokerage Management, and CRM software offers a Website Theme selector that is visually based and operates intuitively. This selector makes selecting and changing your website theme fast and efficient. 

This selector displays the various themes available and their options. 
Themes options can include; multiple layouts for the Property Detail page and multiple layouts for the Result page displayed after an MLS Search. Themes can also offer multiple header images that you can select from, or upload your own for that extra personal touch.

Many themes are offered and most themes offer various levels of customization to make your theme uniquely yours.  All the content you add is safe and secure. You can change your theme with no risk of losing your content or pages. 

Themes can be used for "A" vs "B" testing on your website traffic.  Your website traffic analyzer should show your traffic patterns and flows. Perhaps one theme produces a better customer experience than another for your market. You can test this by setting one theme for a few weeks, then switching to a different theme and comparing the traffic flows.  

When you see that website visitors are staying longer and viewing more pages, it's a good possibility it's because they like that theme, the way it orders information, the colors, or perhaps something else. The point is, that it working, your website visitors are spending more time on your website and viewing more pages, this increases their opportunities to contact you and become a Lead.




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