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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#2 - Listing Appointments

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Being prepared for your listing appointments increases the chance that you're going to leave with a signed listing agreement.

Here are ten tips for Listing Presentations, that all Agents seem to agree on, that contribute to creating a mutually beneficial Listing Presentation.

  1. Be Prepared! Know the market area around the Listing. Drive around the neighborhood. Google the address and look at it on a map as well as the surrounding area. Take a look at the Counties GIS and Tax information about the Listing.
  2. Know your market facts. Homeowners are savvy, if you try to wing it, you're going to lose. Know how many homes sold last month, know how long the average time on market is. Know what the average sale price is in the neighborhood the Listing is located.
  3. The above information will enable you to answer the questions you know they are going to ask:
    A. How long will it take to sell my home?
    B. How much can I sell my home for?
  4. Homeowners also want to know how you are going to go about selling their home. You'll need to provide a comprehensive answer that covers preparing, pricing and promoting their house on the market.
  5. Take control of the listing appointment. The homeowner will likely want to give you a tour of their home. You are better served to sit and talk, first. Then, while sitting, tell the homeowner about the "Inspection" you will be doing after you sit and talk for a while. This sets the tone for the professional evaluation you will be doing of their home.
  6. While doing the inspection, with the homeowners, ask them to tell you their favorite thing about each room of the home. This might reveal details that were not revealed during the meeting. This also increases the bond and provides you with many opportunities to display your knowledge of the area, the market and your skills with people.
  7. Know how you are going to promote their listing. They will ask. Know the statistics for your Brokerage as well as your County. This way you can reinforce their choice when they see your brokerages average listing to closing time is shorter than the County average. (Hopefully, that is true in your case) If not perhaps your Brokerage yields higher profit dollars in exchange for a longer time on market, many people think this is even better!
  8. Get them to "like" you on Facebook! Tell them that is where they will see their Listing being posted and where you spend some time, every week, promoting your customers Listings.
  9. Get That Referral - You know the homeowner is moving. It is most likely they will be buying a new home somewhere else. Establish if that is the case, find out where, and then work to get the referral to an agent in that area. Easy money.
  10. See #1 in this series. You are selling your name as well as yourself. If the homeowner sees your name, brokerage and website plastered all over your car when you pull in the driveway, they know, then and there, that you are committed to your profession.

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