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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#7 - Don't hang out with other Realtors!

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It's an easy trap to fall into, spending your time in the office, chatting away the day. Every so often it might even happen that you pick up a customer that way. But that is going to be the exception. Your customers are out "there", you have to go get them.

Local and social, you'll hear that quite a bit as we progress through this series. Real estate is a local and social business. This is where the "magic" is that you can use to outperform the big box agencies. You Know your market area.

Think of all the questions you get asked when you're driving folks around showing them listings. These are the things you begin with. Tax information, housing values, resale profit percentages, all the "real estate" stuff is a given. But what about the "other" stuff folks ask you?

Where is a good place to grab a bite?
Where can I take my son fishing?
Where is the local dog park?
Some of these you probably know, maybe even all of them. But what makes it better is if you know the answers to those basic questions and then can add the "local" flavor to it.

"Well, yes, there is a dog park about a mile down the road, by car. But, there is a little-used entrance right across the street here that lets you access the back of the park that very few people know about. There is no parking available which is why it is seldom used but it is an easy walk from here."

Answers like this show that you know your market, reinforcing the "Brand Trust" you are building with your potential real estate customers. You'll notice they start asking you more questions, this generally means that the trust is building and you are forming a good bond that will take you through to a close. These folks trust you and will keep calling you until they have found the perfect place to buy...from you.

Wear your, conversation starter, your name tag, wherever you go, the gym, the post office, anywhere you stand in line with other folks, the ball game, the library, the tax office, anywhere you might find folks looking for real estate service, which could be anywhere!

Visit local tourist attractions, park your car prominently so those sharp looking signs can be seen. Eat lunch, with your name tag at the attractions cafe', take your time, enjoy yourself, be open and approachable and have a good supply of business cards. You can pick up those folks enjoying themselves and looking for a seasonal rental next summer, you could find those that are having such a wonderful time they want to move here now, you can find those that want a short-term rental so they can extend their stay for a few months or longer.

All of these are great connections that will lead to financial gain and mutual benefits for those that you help out.

In short be local and social, as that is where you'll find your customers.


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