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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#8 - Don't eat lunch at home

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If you've been following along you're probably picking up on an underlying connection between these 50 things. It can be summed up in one sentence, "Don't eat lunch at home." or put differently, get out there into your market area and do some marketing. Eating lunch can lead to Leads.

We touched on restaurants in #6 "Business Cards In this article, we're going to offer some more detail.

You're a real estate agent. Part of your job is driving folks around so they can look at properties. This can take many hours and you're bound to get hungry at some point. Those folks you are driving around are going to look to you to know where to go. wherever you happen to be.

So, don't eat lunch at home. Go somewhere different every day, you never know what sort of food your potential buyers might be looking for, so try them all, or at least know what is available near where you are.

Coffee shops are also a great place to eat lunch. These type of places attract out of towners, because a coffee shop, is a coffee shop, is a coffee shop, and out of towners are always looking for something familiar to them. This familiarity puts them at ease. This easiness enables them to be open to conversations beginning and your name tag might be just the door they might be looking for.

Breakfast restaurants that have a counter can also be great places to hang your hat for a spell and let your name tag works its magic. Out of towners also like these sort of places for the same reason as the coffee shops. Locals come to these sorts of places to have family breakfasts that often turn into family discussions Sometimes those conversations lead to opportunities.

Hotel restaurants are another place to spend some time eating lunch and learning about your market area is the local motels. Out of towners frequent hotels, many of these folks might be looking for real estate information in the area. There, lo and behold, you are, sitting, eating breakfast, just waiting for someone to come chat you up about real estate. Your real estate name tag displaying proudly that you are ready and open for business.

You can also take notice of the placemats. Many restaurants offer a business card placement advertising service. Sometimes one company pouts your card on several restaurants placemats. If you do use this service, be sure to take your prospects to those restaurants that have your ads on their mats. Then point them out to the prospects noting that you come here so often they gave you custom placements or something else to draw their attention. This also builds your brand as it shows you have been in the market for some time and gives your Brand Trust, that your building, more credibility.


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