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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate 
#10 - Facebook Groups

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Facebook makes finding events, happenings and other community orientated gatherings. By searching for and joining as many of these local community groups as you can find, you are giving your self a pipeline to information. This information is invaluable in your trade as the folks you will be driving around might just ask you about how active the community is. Where there are flea markets, runs, hikes, walks, dog parks, wine and cheese events, local breweries, etc...  You can visit our Facebook Group for Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

The folks you will be showing properties to will have varied interests and backgrounds. You never know what questions you're going to have to field, local Knights of Columbus meeting, local Union meetings, finding these groups that operate in your local community can provide all sorts of opportunities. 

Don't just join the groups, spend an hour or so each day and be active, trying to remind everyone as often as possible that you are involved with real estate.  Make it a challenge to read a few groups every day and find at least one post that you can spin to get your name in there; "Well, I'm a real estate agent. I know that the market in the area that school is being built is going to go sky high!..." sort of thing. 

Maybe there are some community "umbrella" pages that allow local business to post their wares or services. This is always a great idea, as it keeps your name in front of the people in your community. This a good thing

Those posts we talked about in #9 can often also be shared in some of these groups. Asl the admin if you have any doubts, "Hey, is it ok if I post up some common real estate terms, once a week, as a way of educating folks or maybe some events that I hear about that I don't see anyone else posting?", often they will say yes as it adds content to their page and will almost always spark discussion. 

Be responsive. Once you start getting those comments and questions, answer them fully and promptly. These are your potential customers so they way you treat them on Facebook is what they will expect from you IRL. 

The community events that you find are also fantastic places to attend yourself and spread your brand. Your car, your business cards, and of course, your name tag, are all your best "Open" sign. 


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