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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate 
#11 - Twitter

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Twitter is a short sentence. Literally, that's all it is. It can be almost any sentence you want it to be, it just needs to be. You can think of a sentence about what you're doing, where you are, what you see, the restaurant you are eating lunch at, the score of the softball game you're attending....well, you get the idea.  Folks on Twitter, Tweet!

Create a twitter name that has the word realtor or real estate in it. Then folks will know you're a real estate agent. Every now and again, make a sentence about you, the real estate agent. But most of your posts should be fun, informative for the community, or other things of an interesting nature. I hear good things about cats and kittens, for example. 

The idea is to increase your followers by posting interesting stuff, then throw in an advertisement for yourself every now and again to all those people that you've accumulated.

It takes time and most importantly, consistency. Make it a point to create a tweet, every day, maybe around the same time, maybe not, try them both and see if one gets more response than another. Be consistent no matter which way you choose. Tweet something every day.

Try different things, tweet about the restaurant you're eating at, Tweet those real estate terms from that list you built for Facebook, send pictures of the softball game, pictures of a sunset, things that you love about your community. Show your pride in where you live and what you do.

"Selfies" also make good tweets, go to the local zoo and take selfies of yourself with the various critters. The library, City Hall, other buildings and attractions in your area. Try for things you think that people will remember. 

Twitter is an easy social media, it only takes an image and a sentence. Usually one creates the other. Give it a shot, after a few weeks, it will be a habit and you'll be a Twitter Pro, you'll learn how to Like other images and interact with other. There are only a few buttons :)


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