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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#13 - Instagram

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Instagram and Facebook are like cookies and milk. They just go together. Facebook is really happy as a desktop app or a mobile app, mostly. Instagram is really mobile-focused. So Facebook is very solid in its niche and market, Instagram is more fluid and serves to fill the voids that Facebook misses. The two make a homogeneous blend of marketing goodness.

Instagram is mostly younger folks, say under 35-ish. Us older folks still like our Facebook, which is one of the reasons to post to Instagram then share it over to Facebook, you get the best of both worlds! Something old, something new....

Really though, sharing your Instagram posts to your Facebook page is a really good idea (because Facebook owns it) as many people report that Instagram posts get more coverage (because Facebook owns it) but no one really knows why....

Instagram is a social marketing niche, it is best used in conjunction with your overall social media marketing strategy not the focused edge of it.

You'll want to think about what you post a bit more as the content is visual. Maybe make a storyboard in your head of the pictures you want to showcase before making the post. A short 15-second video tour, perhaps a shot of the living room, the view from the living room window, then the kitchen, the fireplace and back to the view, as the sunsets, then <end> Take trial pictures first to get just the right angles and lighting. Then post the short video on Instagram of the Open House you are currently working.

You can also share local events, photos from around town, you can also use Instagram to share the happy faces of folks when they close on their brand new home that you just helped them purchase!

You can also tag locations of images, this helps to reinforce your brand as a knowledgeable local that gets around and really does care about and frequent the area in which you serve.


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