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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#18 - Your Car

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Your car is a big moving billboard for your real estate business. Get some signs, or even better get some wraps. Make it loud, proud and obvious that you are a real estate agent and that you are in to win it.

Your car is also your mobile office, showroom, entertainment area, WiFi Hotspot and child care center. Sometimes, it can also be a place to go for therapy.

Inside your car, place some business card holders, with cards in them. Hand them out as you go about your day, folks in the drive-through, folks at the bank, folks at the coffee shop. Everybody gets cards.

Keep Open House flyers in a rack in your car, for the same reason. Hand them out to folks you meet during your day. Everybody gets a flyer.

You should have your "Mobile Marketing & Entertainment Kit" in the trunk. Here are some ideas for what it could contain:

  • Bottled water with your business cards taped to them - you can hand this out as you see fit throughout your day.
  • A cooler to keep the water in (and your lunch).
  • Some non-perishable snacks, for you, your guests and their children.
  • Dog treats for the dogs of any of your Customers.
  • Dog bowl (for water for the dog).
  • Dog Leash (in case they forgot theirs).
  • Flyers for your Open Houses.
  • Business Cards.
  • Any other marketing materials you commonly use, magnets, brochures, etc.
  • Mobile WiFi Hotspot. You can use this yourself as well as give access to your customers (or their children).
  • WiFi Signal Booster, if you work in rural areas these can be incredibly useful and give you an edge over those agents that can't get a mobile signal.
  • Kids Games, to keep the kids entertained while you chat with Mom & Dad.
  • Kids Toys- See above.
  • Coloring books with the non-staining crayons - See above again.
  • Baby wipes, just don't leave home without them. They come in handy for so many things.
  • A DVD Player, headphones and a small selection of DVD Movies - older children entertainment.
  • Commonly used paperwork, listing agreements, etc. because, well, you never know when you might need that stuff.
  • A clean Blanket that you don't really care about. This can be used during a showing to give the children a place to color/play (inside the house, on the floor) giving Mom & Dad and you have a chance to chat.
  • 3 umbrellas, if you live/work where it rains often. if you have more than one, you can give the folks you are showing their own. It makes it much easier to manage the wet weather than 3 or more jockeying for space under the same one.
  • Signs & Sign-making materials - This allows you to make signs, on the fly, and post them in conspicuous places, you've seen these handmade signs around town, I'm sure. They are there because they work.
  • Several Flashlights.
  • Tape Measure.
  • Staple Gun, the big heavy kind (for those signs).
  • Rubber Mallet (those signs again).
  • A few large garbage bags.
  • Toilet Paper - enough said.
  • Shoe Covers - you know, those stylish plastic slip over things.
  • Zip Ties - because they are the most useful thing ever!
  • Paper Towels - because they are very useful to have around, unlike spills.
  • Face Masks - Those paper ones.
  • Face Wipes, those lemon smelling ones, those things are great!
  • Some large towels for caught in the rain moments or as larger spill control items.
  • Wasp Spray.
  • Rubber Gloves.
  • Change of shoes.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Cell phone chargers/batteries.
  • Bug Spray.
  • Personal Protection items.
  • Personal Toiletry Articles, toothbrush, etc
  • A Banner that you can hang on the side of your car. Hang this when you frequent Little League games, softball games, big State or National games at the local Stadium or any other place where there a lot of people and you are parking your car there. Remember to park your car at the front of places you go to. This allows the most people to see your signs.
  • Flyers for local events, flea markets, art shows, etc
  • Discount cards for local restaurants, the ones where if you eat there 10 times you get a free meal. Hand these out with your Business cards.

Your car is an amazingly powerful tool that can be used to great reward in your real estate business.


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