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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#19 - Bowling league / Softball team

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In real estate, getting out in the field includes, football fields, soccer fields, softball fields, baseball fields, as well as hockey rinks, bowling alleys, also, flea markets, neighborhood garage sales but we'll get to those, later.

First, remember, always wear your Name Tag, this lets people know you are open for business.

Softball, baseball, and soccer attract family crowds. They also attract retirees, who like to just stop by and watch the games. Both of these groups are potential customers. If you have children this may be something you are doing already. Taking your children to the various after-school activities. In your car. Your car, as we discussed in this article, is your mobile office and advertising platform. So these types of things just go together like Baseball and apple pie.

No kids? That's ok, too! You can volunteer to be an assistant Coach or work the concession stand. The concession stand is a great place to meet folks and hand out those business cards or free bottled water with those business cards taped to them. Once they get to know you and you become a regular, you can ask if you can hang out your banner in front of the concession stand. You can also use those real estate sign making materials to make a custom sign for the folks involved in the activity. "Free CMA with your hot dog! See YOUR NAME HERE, at the concession stand" or "I can sell you a home or a hot dog! Let's talk at the concession stand" Use your imagination.

Post to your social media accounts about where you are an what you are doing. Things like "It's incredible to be able to sell people homes and watch them enjoy their lives!"

These types of activities also generally offer some sort of sponsorship that gets you a sign at center field for not a whole lot of money. If they see you on the sign, then meet you in person, it builds trust and legitimacy.

Retirees like to frequent activities like this also. Becuase it's fun, local and cheap and has kids laughing, as well as hot dogs. Remember those bottles of water with your business card stuck to them? They love those too. The great conversational opener, bottled water. The lines just flow right out, "FREE Cold drink on a hot day? There ya go." If they want to chat, great, if not, that's ok, you gave them your card.

Bowling leagues are also on this list. They are a place where lots of folks get together to be social. Start your own team. Put your name on those styling shirts! Bowling leagues also give out door prizes or gifts for midnight bowling or the like. Offer a discount coupon for a Free CMA. If whoever wins it doesn't use it, they might give it their neighbor who is moving to The Keys.

Finally, be sure to park your car prominently when you frequent these events. Even if you have to wait for a good spot. Make those signs work for you!


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