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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#20 PTA / School Events

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Get involved in your local school. It's just chock full of folks that want to meet you. Always wear your name tag when you go. The teachers have them too, so you'll fit right in. Your name tag works in schools just as well as it does at softball games. It will start conversations. The cool thing about this way to riches is you get to spend time playing with your kids! Or somebody else's, doesn't matter really, it's still just as fun and just as rewarding. Maybe even more.

You'll meet other volunteers, doing their thing. Having a blast most of the time. Volunteers are some of the happiest folks at any workplace, as they want to be there. They are generally amongst the chattiest too. They know who is having babies and might be looking to upsize. They know who is getting divorced and who might be looking to sell (and buy).

Teachers are just awesome. The sacrifices they make often go unrecognized. You can offer discounted rates for volunteers that use your services. You could offer free CMA's to your new volunteer friends. You could sponsor drives to collect school supplies from folks at the office or your broker might be interested in participating if sponsorship was noted in the school monthly newsletter. "XYYZ Realty donated 200 Number Two Pencils this week for prizes in some contests." Small price, big reward.

Work the bake sales. Take pie here too. Use your sign making materials to advertise your pies, with your business name along the bottom or business cards paper clipped to the top of the sign. Make signs for all the other volunteers that forget to bring their own signs, and don't have a sign making kit in their car. Make it a fun project to see who can spell your name right, for the younger kids to do. Let them take their signs home to their parents, with a note for a free CMA, or 10% closing discount coupon or something else they might enjoy.

People love to give back to folks that give of themselves. It's a win-win all around as you get so much out of it as well. Maybe volunteering at schools isn't for you. Maybe you enjoy hiking, so volunteering to maintain hiking trails might be the way to go for you. The idea is to volunteer to do something you actually enjoy doing. This way your enthusiasm will show through and folks will see you as genuine, community involved, and out there making a difference. You know, a real estate agent. Like the tree in the picture that was so determined to thrive that even the rocks in its way became foot holds to its success.

Being involved in the schools also gives you "insider" insight into the schools. This sort of information is invaluable to folks looking to buy homes in the best school districts. Your volunteer efforts will make you appear an authority on these types of things, and you will be an authority. After a few months as a volunteer you will naturally learn more about the school district in your area, how it works, who the folks are that make things happen. Some schools in your area might offer different classes or training, one might offer a micro-society for example. These are questions that folks looking to buy into a school district want to know. These are also questions that folks with children, buying ion your area, want answers for, as well.

Being a volunteer is fun, rewarding, and can also be an enjoyable way of obtaining business leads from folks of like mind, that you just know will be fun to do business with, as well.


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