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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#27 - Convenience Stores / Grocery Stores

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Grocery stores don't seem like places to pick up real estate leads. But, that is not the case. All sorts of folks visit grocery stores. This is another one of those places where situational awareness comes into play. Your name tag will also be very helpful in enabling conversations to happen as folks will see it and stop you if they are interested in real estate.

People visiting areas frequent grocery stores. This is for the basic reason that we all like to eat. Out of towners will often "stand out" from the crowd. They might be overheard commenting on the local food offerings. They might be having a conversation comparing prices to "back home". They might also be obviously lost trying to find things in the store. Their manner of dress can also be a sign they are from out of town. The things that make them stand out are also the things that can be used for conversational openers; "Hi, There! I see you're lost, can I help? I come here all the time." as they respond, they will naturally look at your name tag.

While you're in the store shopping for food or lunch (and Leads) your car is working hard out in the parking lot. Your signs are proudly displaying that you are a real estate professional. You parked near the entrance so that the maximum amount of people will see your signs.

Grocery stores often offer paid advertising on their carts. These are most commonly print ads placed on the child holder part of the basket. You can look into these as a method to spread your brand. These placard ads are often inexpensive.

Grocery stores also offer bulletin boards for local events, business etc. You can place your business cards on these. You can also hang a flyer for your open house or newest listing on these boards.

Convenience stores also offer bulletin boards where you can hang business cards and flyers or open house notices. These types of stores also see a lot of out of town traffic. Be aware as you stop for your morning coffee of any folks also getting coffee that might be from out of town. If your local convenience store is locally owned, perhaps they will let you hang signs in their window. You can make them on the spot from the sign kit in your car.

Locals also frequent grocery stores. Your name tag will let them know you are a local real estate professional. It also lets them know that you are open for them to stop and chat with.

Sometimes small local stores provide specialty services. These services can include food deliveries to vacation rentals. Get to know the folks that do these deliveries and give them some business cards to attach to the bags.

Change up your personal shopping habits. Instead of going grocery shopping at the same place all the time, drive across town to the grocery store near the marina where the tourist would probably shop. Try a different grocery store every time you go shopping. This will expand your local knowledge and enable you to speak well on the subject of grocery prices. This is a common conversation while driving around showing homes. It will reinforce your status as a neighborhood professional that knows all that there is to know about these various aspects of buying and selling real estate in your area.

Visit different convenience stores, for the same reason. It gets you out in your market area. It exposes you to many people and it allows you to have first-hand knowledge of what stores offer the best coffee. This is also often an important thing to know while driving around those prospects.

Visiting your local business can create opportunities for leads to come to you.


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