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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#28 - Stylist / Barbers

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Knowing where a good barber shop is, is part of knowing your market. Barber shops, like bulletin boards, are still around as technology simply hasn't found a way to replace them. Barbershops have a large social element. They also have a reputation for being a community meeting ground.

Once you start noticing barber shops in your market area. You might notice there are more than you would expect there to be. This makes the barber shop a micro-community center as often their customers come from nearby.

Barbershops also often offer bulletin boards. You can hang your cards here, or a flyer about your open house or newest listing. You might have to put some time in the seat to get the nod to hang your stuff, but hey, you want to look nice and neat anyway. So why not? You're also giving back to the local community you do business in.

Barbers tend to be good listeners. Barbers also seem to know a lot about whats going on around their part of the town. Probably because they are good listeners. They are old hands at that whole hyper-local real estate knowledge thing, having been being good listeners for years.

Barbers also like to pass along useful information. This act endears them with their customers and increases the chance of a good tip. Babers like getting those. So, maybe someone in his chair says they are looking for a place. The barber remembers you because when you were leaving you asked him to take a selfie with you and posted it on your social media page. You added a comment about how great the service was and tagged the barber shops social media.

Stylists are to women what barbers are to men except better. Salons also sometimes offer bulletin boards, especially the larger chains trying hard to feel like a local place. Salons are also located in larger box stores and are often near nail salons or include one.

Both of these places are great to put on your list of regular stops, You can hang flyers, leave business cards, get a mani-pedi with those hot rocks on your legs... I mean, you have to know what you're talking about, am I right, ladies?

Salons, stylists, and barbers are places you have to go anyway. Makes the rounds, try new places every month, spread the word about what you do, where you do, why you do what you do and how much you love doing it.

All of these folks generally work for tips. So post to your social media and tell them you're doing it, or do it with them. Get them to tag you, as well, if you can; "Worlds greatest real estate agent right here, had a great time!" They will appreciate the exposure you can give them, as much as you will appreciate the exposure they give to you. Tag them back commenting on what a great job they did, how much fun you had with them or some other personal experience commentary. This sort of reciprocal and mutual exposure can spread your name/brand into circles you might never access on your own.

Barber shops, nail salons, and stylists are another great resource that can be tapped as part of your normal day to day experience.


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