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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#29 - Newspapers

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Sometimes, you just want some peace and quiet, a good cup of coffee and some time for yourself. What better way to get that than at the local coffee shop, where they have both of those things. They also have newspapers, free ones. So your "you" time can be spent enjoying your local market, looking for leads and enjoying a great cup of coffee. They also have WiFi so you can respond to those opportunities that you find in the newspapers. Who knows, you might even overhear some other customers conversation that they are looking for a real estate professional. Visitors often frequent coffee shops.

Newspapers offer several opportunities to obtain Leads. Garage sales can commonly be found listed in your local paper. While you're reviewing those, you can also review the classified ads for other things, such as several "big ticket" items being offered by the same person. You can also review the for sale by owner listings. Sometimes vehicles for sale are also being sold because folks are moving away. Sometimes folks just had a baby and are selling those vehicles that are no longer practical to collect a deposit for their starter home. Motorcycles, Boats and ATV's also often fall into this category.

The "#26 - Garage Sales" article talked about garage sales and how to leverage those for the best chances to gain Leads. Newspapers offer a great way to find those garage sales. When you stop at the convenience stores, pick up all the frees ones and maybe a couple of the paid ones on a regular basis. Then take an hour and read them over, writing down the address' of all the garage sales listed. Then you can make a route. While you're doing this, also be on the lookout for big-ticket items being offered by the same phone number. This could be an indicated they are moving. Call them up, ask about their item. Be social and ask why they are selling it. If they say because they are moving, then you might have just found a lead!

While you're reviewing the classifieds, also check the auto section. ATV's for sale, motorcycles, boats, etc. can often mean they are moving, or perhaps have had a lifestyle change from a recent addition or perhaps a divorce. The same sort of approach could apply here as well. Call them and ask about their item. Then ask why they are selling it.

You can also look for these sort of posts on the local; bulletin boards in your area. Grocery store, hardware store, the laundromat, many places offer bulletin boards that you can hang your flyers and cards om. While you're doing that, look and see what else has been posted. You might find cars for sale, ATV's even leads on for sale by owners homes can be found in these locations.

Newspapers also offer classified ads. These can be inexpensive, especially in the smaller circulation type local papers. Sometimes even half or full page ads in these types of papers can be quite cheap. Perhaps there are some agents in your office that would like to help create a split ad and share any leads that it generates.

Newspapers also offer public notices such as divorce announcements and birth announcements. Both of these also offer useful information that could be turned into a lead. Newspapers are an analog internet, they are a viable form of adverting as well as information collection.


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