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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#30 - Churches

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Churches are a large part of every community. Churches offer many opportunities for people to gather. Churches offer various activities that help bring their congregation and community together. These activities can include assistance finding homes for people, sports activities, food banks, community organization efforts, yard/bake sales, holiday celebrations, and other community orientated events. Get involved, wear your name tag.

If you attend a local church already, get involved in the various activities offered there or create some. Bake sales and yard sales need a place to be held, perhaps you know a place that the church can rent. Maybe you can broker a deal between a landowner you know and the church that wants to hold a picnic in the woods. Perhaps the church needs a place to hold their bake sale and you just happen to know someone who has the perfect spot.

Your church might offer housing assistance for its members. Becoming active in that group could produce leads you could use professionally. The commitment doesn't have to be huge. Things that are basic for you can mean the world to others. Helping folks complete a rental application or answering questions about the buying experience, are simple things that can create a great deal of gratitude for someone that finds that sort of thing difficult.

You can offer to attend a meeting of the housing committee as a knowledgeable guest speaker and answer any questions they might have.

Perhaps the church is looking to expand their reach and is looking for land to build on or it might land to sell in order to finance the expansion they need to hold to growing congregation, you can help there as well.

Remember that sign making kit you have in your car? Well, it comes in really handy for church events. They always need signs. You can make them and paper clip your business cards to them for people to take.The church generally won't mind as you are donating the sign materials and the effort to make them (which by the way might be tax deductible, ask your tax professional). You could also deliver the sign making materials top the local gaggle of kids at the event and ask them to make the signs thus endearing you to their parents by giving their children something to do.

Churches are another opportunity to be involved in your local community and to be social with the folks that live there with you. Being active in your local church can bring about consistent business from people you enjoy helping.


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