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50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate
#31 - Community Communicator

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Every Community has it's "Communicator". This is true because a Community cannot function without one.  Communication is necessary and can happen in many, many ways. One way ithappens, locally, is through your Community Communicator.

What is a Community Communicator you might be asking yourself? They are also known as busybodies, nosy neighbors, a flower in the mud, etc... Get to know who these folks, in each Community that you work around, as they can be your biggest ally.

It takes work and dedication to be a nosy neighbor or a busybody, especially the kind that knows, and can quote verbatim, the local zoning laws, covenants and all the HOA members, family names and address'. These folks are often better versed in these rules and regs and family ties, than those whose job it is to be well versed.

More often than not these folks are involved in their Community because of a genuine concern and caring for their community and it's people. They are passionate about keeping things as they should be and proactive in that goal. This means they are involved, knowledgeable and that they probably interact with many people in the neighborhood, often.

Once you learn who they are, get to know them. Take a pie. This can be mutually beneficial for several reasons.

First, they often have first-hand knowledge of folks looking to buy or sell nearby. They will spread your name; "Oh! Have you met Bill and Karen?! They sell real estate you know. They're Very good, I've heard." Be sure to leave them business cards that they can hand out. This makes them a part of your world and endears you to them.

Next, foster the relationship. These folks will contact you when they hear news of someone buying or selling, as finding any reason to talk, is just what they do. Call them on occasion and say hello. Tell them about your upcoming Open House near them. Invite them to stop by for coffee while you're at the Open House. Often this can be a welcome distraction if you happen to have a slow day at the open house.

Third, when they do call you and they will. Make the time to chat with them. It's part of the deal. You have to listen. Now, when you do get the chance to participate in the conversation, be sure to give them something to talk about. You can tell them about your newest listing as an example. But make it interesting. Give it some sort of twist that they will remember and will give them an excuse to talk about it with all the other people they interact with.

Finally, it's part of the job of being a real estate professional, to know everything you can about your market area. You can take a few shortcuts in obtaining some this knowledge by enabling those that know it already to tell you. Listen to what they tell you and ask questions about how they learn things. Often you will learn something and maybe even make some valuable contacts that you had not consider before.


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