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#35 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Empty Nesters

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Empty nesters are generally looking to make some changes. Maybe they are looking into downsizing their housing situation or perhaps liquidating their housing altogether. The downsizing can lead to two deals, one for the sale and one for their new home if they are staying local. If they are moving elsewhere perhaps a referral can be arranged with an agent where they are moving to. A liquidation comes into play when folks decide they want to move into their RV and travel this great country. There are many opportunities here where leads can be produced and community contacts reinforced.

RV and Yacht/Boat salespeople are good contacts for real estate professionals. You could have a customer that is looking to liquidate their real estate so they can move into an RV, or maybe a yacht, well you just happen to know a great RV salesman, and as luck would have it you also know a yacht broker. So you can offer a reference to "your great RV/Yacht contact" and send your customers their way, asking if it's ok to give out their contact information, first. Then call your contacts and tell them you just sent someone their way and give them some very basic information about your folks, just enough so they know who they are when they get there. They might buy an RV/boat or not. Either way, this reinforces your connection with the salesman, your contact. So when one of their RV or Yacht customers wants to liquidate and get a sticks and bricks, you know who they are going to remember and contact. You.

Travel to see unique things seems to be a common choice of many empty nesters.

An empty nesting couple might also have a large home that was their family home for many, many years. They are now finding it to no longer suite their needs and would rather spend the upkeep funds somewhere else. They will be looking to sell that home and will also be looking to buy another home. The fortunate real estate professional can get both of these deals. Sometimes these can be already arranged with family members looking to "swap" homes. The newly arrived Grandbaby joins his sister and suddenly Mom & Dad's starter home becomes more practical for the Grandparents. You, a real estate professional, are all that is required to make it all happen smoothly

Empty nesters can be happened upon during the normal course of your day. As you make your rounds, wearing your name tag, enjoying all the things your market area offers, hitting those garage sales, posting about them, getting to know folks, etc. You are bound to run into all sorts of folks. You could be at the RV store checking in on your RV contact and looking at the newest cool RV being offered. You walk into this really sweet looking one and there they are. An older couple paying very close attention to everything about the RV. Chat them up, it's likely they might be empty nesters and you just walked into a gold mine just by checking out some RV's.

Boat and yacht dealers also see a fair amount of empty nester traffic. There are some folks whose dream it is to buy a yacht or perhaps setting sail, and exploring the world. You could be checking in on your boating contact and happen upon an empty nester couple the same way that you did at the RV dealer. You could sign the agreement to sell their home on the deck of their new one.

College campus offer bulletin boards put these on your rounds and post your flyers. During your week, be on the lookout for coupons a college student might be interested in. Pizza BOGO's, grocery store coupons for snacks, things of that nature. Then staple them to your flyers. "Free coupon if you give this flyer to your Mom". They may just do it. A few minutes of your time, some stapling and who knows, it could lead to your next closing.


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