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#36 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Lead Farming

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Lead farming works. This is why it is a common method of creating Leads in real estate. It works on a tried and true principle, if they see your name and brand over and over again, you will be their first thought when they want to sell or buy.

Done on a small scale lead farming can be very effective. The basic idea is you pick an area of about 1000 homes or less and you market yourself to just those homeowners. You can send them monthly mailers about prices, bi-monthly flyers of you and your brand, coupons for CMA's, whatever you can do to keep your name and brand in front of those 1000 homeowners, over and over again.

Mailers about pricing around their area or neighborhood are always of interest to homeowners. They want to know how their investment is doing even if they have no plans to sell it, ever. Then one day they open the mailer and they discover that "ever" has arrived and their home is worth much more than they may have thought. Perhaps this motivates them to think about selling and then calling you for a CMA to get a more accurate assessment of the value of their home.

Many small communities have Community Centers or Golf Shops. These often have bulletin boards and sometimes small cafe's or coffee shops, maybe things such as a community pool, game room, weight room, business center for remote employment, etc are offered. Sometimes organized classes like yoga, aerobics, dance, are held in a common room. You can join these classes and let the other attendees know that you are a real estate professional that works exclusively in that area. All of these areas are great for you to post your flyers and open house announcements. Spend some time at the coffee shop enjoying the space while wearing your name tag. Enjoy the pool while wearing your branded shirts.

Get to know the people that staff these areas. Give them your cards and tell then you work exclusively in the area. Spend time frequenting these common areas, as your customers will be there as well. Community centers are perfect for practicing your local and social skills as well as learn more about the Community.

Hold a free pancake breakfast once every few months at the Community Center. Pancakes are easy to make, enlist your spouse or a fellow agent to help out. Set up a table with your flyers, brand cards, some handouts that have your name on them that folks can take home with them, and your business cards. You can set up a few coffee urns, some hot chocolate, some danish type things and some flowers to make it all look nice. Ask folks if they have any questions about real estate while you walk around and make sure everyone got enough pancakes.

Perhaps, you can host a "covered dish" community pool party and BBQ, using the same ideas as the pancake breakfast. Offer your guests the chance to ask any real estate questions they may have. In both of these gatherings leave cards and pencils on the table for people to sign up for your community real estate newsletter.

Lead farming small areas results in high-quality local leads, it does take diligence but will ensure a secure market area over time.


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