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#37 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Door Knocking!

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Door knocking results in a lot of brand exposure. This works very well if you are farming a specific area. Taking the time to go door to door can lead to a whole lot of exposure. You don't have to have anything fancy, just a nice tie and a firm handshake will do the job.

Think about your pitch beforehand, maybe write it down a couple times. You'll want to be short, sweet and to the point, you'll also want to have something to hand them (this gets them to open the door and might even get you invited in for tea). Various specialty marketing items will serve the need here, refrigerator magnets seem very popular with folks. Stickers are good too, maybe one that has a date for when you should change your smoke detector batteries or the like.

You could offer an info sheet of homes in the area and their selling price. This can be useful to folks that might be wondering how much their home is worth. You could also create and hand out, door to door, an activity calendar for the area. This would list the various events happening at the community center, golf shop, pool, but on your letterhead with your contact information.

Your goal here is to make contacts and spread your brand, not necessarily to make a sale or a pick up a hot lead. So be social and share your local knowledge. Listen to the folks and their stores about the area, you never know what tidbits you can pick up.

In most cases, it will be quick, you'll knock, they will answer, you will introduce yourself and offer them your card, magnet, what have you, then wish them a great day and go on to the next one. Take a few steps back from the door after you knock so you can be completely seen in the peephole. This makes cautious people more apt to open the door if you are far away from it.

You might want to pack a backpack and stock it with water, flyers, business cards, maybe some candy bars. This will make things a bit easier if you just walk the block instead of trying to drive and walk. Maybe you find some that are having a garage sale and you can offer to tell folks about their sale if you can leave some business cards on their check out table.

You could also pick up trash in the area as you walk around. Wear your name tag and branded shirts. Take a trash bag with you and any trash you see, pick it up. People will notice this. They will note that you are concerned and care about the area and are willing to give of yourself in order to make it a better place. Folks love this stuff and as a bonus, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and a good feeling. This is an important thing to keep as you knock on doors, a good attitude. People can be rude, don't let it get to you, just smile and go on to the next door.


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