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#39 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Cleaning Services

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A good cleaning crew can turn a home into a house. Once the owner has their stuff down to a minimum a cleaning company can make a world of difference. It's not that the place is dirty, necessarily, it's that we all live in our homes, but we sell houses. It's living in the house that makes it a home.

The cleaning company, like the baker you buy your pies from, or the guys at the hardware store where you buy your sign kits, are from your local community or market area. They frequent the homes in your area and they know the homeowners, usually pretty well. They often are consulted by the homeowners for tips on many things, including who is a good real estate professional.

There are likely many cleaning services in your local market area. Sometimes they have office space, sometimes they are home-based. Both of these can be reached via postal mail with your flyers and letter of introduction. Send your brochure cards to these places once a quarter. Send them business cards in the off months.

If they have a brick and mortar storefront, put them on your rounds and stop in and say hello. Those pies and baked goods come in handy as icebreakers. This is another opportunity to just be local and social. Chat up the folks in the office, wear your name tag, give them your business cards. Ask them about their business, if it's busy, things like that.

Often cleaning services have social media page or website pages, you can contact these folks via email or message service. Do the same thing that you do in person, tell them about yourself, your services and your market area. Offer to share their social media if they share yours.

The goal is to get them to remember you when one of their customers indicates they are looking to sell or buy and, in turn, to tell the homeowner about you. They will do this if they believe you will do a good job. They will believe that if you made a great first impression at their office.

Homeowners trust their housekeepers. Housekeepers protect their homeowners. Getting a housekeeper to recommend your services to their homeowner is a powerful testimonial.


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