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#40 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Past Customers

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Keeping in touch with past customers and contacts ensures a constant stream of leads. You spend a lot of time and effort collecting your contacts list, it only makes sense to stay in contact.  These folks aren't just your customers, they are experienced buyers. They have been through the process at least once, successfully. It no longer scares them as much as it may have in the past. This means they are likely to do it again. Especially if you leave them with a great experience.

Keeping in contact starts from the first time you meet them. Regular contacts during the first buying experience will set that expectation for the next one. Folks like to hear from you when you are working for them. Once you've found their home and got them all set up, you'll want to use various methods to "keep in touch" over the following years.

Most obviously, sending them an anniversary card once a year on the anniversary of their purchase is a good idea.  Adding a handwritten note, on a separate piece of paper inside the card adds a "personal" touch. If there was a noteworthy event that occurred during your time together, maybe something humorous, or perhaps it was a difficult closing that you worked really hard at, mention that in the letter.  This will help folks remember you and what you did for them and how good the experience was.

If you use a CRM, it probably has a feature that reminds you of past sales anniversaries, set this up and use it. It may also offer this for other dates that you use to maintain the contact such as Christmas, etc. To maximize the impact, try to send cards on the "off" holidays. Everyone sends Christmas cards, but when was the last time you got a card for Halloween or St. Patricks Day?

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with past customers and contacts. This is also a great way to keep in touch with many folks during the house hunting or house selling process too. Make it a habit to hook up with folks on their social media, then maintain that social contact. Spending time on social media is probably part of your average day anyway. It's a small thing to tag a past customer in a meme and lol at it with them.

Past customers are also your biggest advertising tool. If they have a good experience with you they will tell their friends. You will become "their" real estate pro. "You should call my realtor, they were amazing and we still keep in touch." This type of word of mouth recommendation from folks that have actually done business with you is really the best form of testimonial you can get.

Maintaining past contacts and customer makes good sense for growing your sphere and increasing your bank account.


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