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#41 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Parties

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Part of being local and social means going to those parties that you always getting invited to but never go to. Now you have a reason to go that will probably benefit your bank account. Wear your name tag, there is nothing folks like to talk about more at parties than how awesome a deal they got on their home, land, ranch, what have you. Another favorite topic is how much they can get for their current home.

The second one there is a pretty easy pickup. If someone sees your name tag and mentions they are considering selling, you will naturally offer them a follow-up call tomorrow for a CMA. "What's your name and number and address? Thanks, here's my card." Then, tomorrow, you'll do the research and contact them back, scheduling an appointment for a listing presentation.

The first case, talking about their great deal, is also an opportunity. Folks that like to have these conversations like to be acknowledged and appreciate it when that acknowledgment comes from a knowledgeable professional. This type of affirmation endears you to them and they are most likely to call you in the future just because you happened to agree that they got a great deal. Be sure to give them your card and mention to them, privately, that although you do believe they did, in fact, get a great deal and really should be commended, you think you might be even better than their last real estate professional, that was not here supporting them.

Be sure to find the host(s) of the party and thank them for opening their place, etc. Mention that you are a real estate professional and give them your cards. Ask them if they know anyone that is looking for real estate services. They probably know most of the people at the party in some way or another.

Many places offer gatherings that are open to the public. VFW's and other such places frequently offer dances, bingo games, and other types get-togethers that are open to the public. No invitation required, you just go.

Communities will also often host parties for the folks that live there and their guests. You can get invited to these just by asking if you do business in the area. Communities love to have "guests of interest' at their events to perk interest and keep it interesting. Real estate is an interesting topic for many people.

Grand openings are also public professional "parties" that you can attend. When a new business opens in your area, go to its opening, meet the owners, learn about what they do. Share their business on your social media, while you are there and let them know that you will tell your customers about them. Leave your business cards, ask them to do the same.

Various online groups offer "meet up" services. You can join these groups and attend those meetings that you find interesting and meet the people there. The same approach applies, even though you might be doing this for yourself, you can still hand out those cards and chat up the people you meet about what you do and where you do it.

Getting out and being social will create more contacts and grow your sphere. This produces leads.


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