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#47 of 50 Ways to Riches in Real Estate - Newspapers

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Newspapers are a good source for Lead generation. While you are exploring your market area, you are bound to find local newspapers available at the stores, delis, restaurants. Often these will be free or very low cost. These newspapers are often "hyperlocal" and can offer insight into the matters of local importance as well as offer opportunities for lead generation.

Wedding notices, obituaries, birth notices, divorce notices are published as public notices. All of these situations can produce a lead on a sale or a purchase.

Weddings mean that those folks might be looking to buy their first home. They might also be looking to sell their existing home(s). It's possible that a well-timed phone call could produce two listings and a purchase.

Obituaries, although sad, the death of a loved one might mean it is time to move or time to downsize. A surviving family member or spouse might be looking for your services.

Birth notices are a sign that perhaps the family is ready to upsize. They may also be interested in moving so their child can attend a favorite school, or be closer to daycare, or family.

Divorce notices are also public notices. This situation can lead to a listing and possibly two purchases. Sometimes an out of state referral can be created.

Newspapers, especially local ones, can also offer information about events or the like that may affect the real estate market. Perhaps a large land purchase by a developer creates interest in property around the area. Maybe, a new road coming in might lead to folks wanting to sell and move elsewhere.

Reading the newspaper over your morning coffee is a great way to begin to find those leads.


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