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Marketing Tips and Tricks for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, providing real estate agents another opportunity for some marketing strategies. This holiday is all about "luck" and "finding your pot of gold", these themes go hand in hand with real estate, making marketing for his holiday fun and easy!

Below are few ideas to get you started.

Real Estate Postcards

Put together some catchy phrases that incorporate your spirit of St. Patrick's Day and make some fun postcards for advertising.  Phrases such as: "Looking for your Pot o' Gold?" or "This could be your Lucky Day!" can be added to the front of the postcards with a green color scheme. On the back of the postcards add some tips and tricks for buying and or selling real estate along with your contact information.  You can send these out virtually to everyone on your email list and you can send them out physically to your clients.  Keep some in your car and use them as your business cards up until the holiday is over.

Themed Open House

Host a St. Patrick's Day themed open house complete with green balloons, clover-shaped cookies and chocolate gold coins to give out to the kids.
Hold a Raffle, drawing or door prize, the winner will receive a gift certificate for dinner for two at a local Irish restaurant.  You could even theme the raffle or drawing around "luck". Add the invitation to the open house to your postcards (see above).

Sponsor a local event

There are many cities take St. Patrick's Day a little more serious than others. If you live in one of these cities, sponsor a local St. Patrick's Day event, such as a parade or a fair.

Enter your float in the parade

Have your brokerage get together and create a float for the Annual St. Patrick's Day parade in your town.  

Pop by Gifts

Create some cleverly phrased tags and attach them to St. Patrick's Day themed gifts and deliver them personally to your clients. For example, a tag that says, "Lucky to have you as a client" can be attached to a box of Lucky Charms or clover shaped cookies.

Personalized Gold Candy Coins

There are candy companies that will put your personal message on chocolate gold coins for a small fee.  Have some made and toss them out to the parade-goers, add them to your open house and in your pop by gifts.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, may you find your pot of gold!

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